Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Son!

Growing up I loved November, and what's not to love? It's the month after one of the best kid's holidays ever--Halloween. Thanksgiving's in November which meant getting out of school and pigging out with family. It's when the air gets cool and the promise of snow teases children with the possibility of sledding and skiing.

And, it's when birthdays roll around.

I have several friends who have birthdays in November. My dad's birthday, my brother's birthday, several best friends have birthdays in November. And my birthday is in November. I remember when we were pregnant with our second child, we did the math and we knew the birth would be in November. I was stoked!

Our son arrived on November 23, four days from my birthday. Little did I know then that he and I would be so much alike.

From the beginning, it was pretty obvious that my son resembled me, and by resembled, I really mean the kid could be my twin! And age has only added to the resemblance. The picture of my son in the blue blazer--that's pretty much how I looked as a mid-teenager.

Couple of things about my son. He's wicked smart, like three steps ahead of you smart (he and I differ on this point...). Although like me, he can be a little shy in certain circumstances. He takes to computers like a fish takes to water and he has a good heart, he really does.

I can't imagine my life without my twin and the past decade and a half have been an adventure. I sure do love that kid. Happy birthday, son! It's great having you here!

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