Saturday, November 30, 2013

So, I Read A Stephanie Meyer Book...*

 As I perused the audiobook selection of our local library last week, I came across Stephenie Meyer's The Host. I know there's a lot of audiobooks at our library I have not yet read/heard, but this one caught my attention. 

But first, a little story. Back when I was in college I took a beginning acting class at the U. I remember our teacher and I believe he was getting an advanced degree in theater at the U, but I'm not sure. I learned a lot of things and had a good time, but one thing I remember distinctly was the fact that our instructor did not hold a high opinion of shows currently playing at the university's main stage. In fact, he didn't like much of anything or anyone that reached a higher level of accomplishment in the performing field.

In short, I think he was jealous. Of course, his knowledge of the craft could have been to a point where when he saw a production, he saw things I didn't see and so where I saw something good and entertaining, he saw a big steaming pile of something else.

Or, he could have just been jealous.

Which brings me back to Ms. Meyer's book. I have not read any of her better known works. I wasn't boycotting them. They just didn't interest me. And by not reading them (or watching the movies...) I forfeit the right to express my own opinion of the author, her writing, or her books. I think many in my shoes (haven't read anything...) don't let this stop them.

Now...the book. I did not hate it. It wasn't my favorite book. There were moments that were well done, well crafted in creating a setting. Sure, there were parts where the story required I alter my believability standard and the relationships were presented in a way that made me scratch my head a bit. 

But, I think she did a good job in creating a different world, a world of interesting possibilities. I felt it was well paced, and held my interest through the entire thing. I don't know if after reading this I will attempt her other novels, but I don't believe I need to. And what does this book have to do with my beginning acting class instructor? As a writer I've heard a lot of other writers criticize Ms. Meyer's writing. Maybe they're just jealous.

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