Friday, November 29, 2013

I Would Have Loved To Not Drive Today, But...

I must admit from the onset that I am not blaming anyone for my predicament this morning, except maybe me. This is not a "they should have done this," or "why don't they do what I think they should have done" post. It's only an observation.

I volunteered--yes, volunteered to work today. Since we took a vacation only a month ago and since I've had off the Friday after Thanksgiving for the past six or seven years, I felt I might as well work today.

The question that I had to make this morning was, to drive, or take the bus? If I drove, I could leave work early, or when the work got done. I wasn't sure how much work there would be, but I knew there would be at least a half day's worth.

Of course, if I took the bus, I'd be somewhat stuck at work until the buses ran in the afternoon. I could take a slow bus, but no internet or nice seats on those buses.

I went to the stop about five minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive. I was the only one there, and the parking lot was noticeably vacant as well. But I figured that not many would be working today. The time for the bus to arrive came and went. It was only then that I checked the bus website. Black Friday schedule: Buses would run a Sunday schedule, and my particular bus doesn't run on Sundays. I ended up driving anyway.


Which made the message on the huge interstate message board that much funnier to me. I understand the bus people are in a no-win situation. If they don't adjust their schedule people could accuse them of being insensitive to their employees--making them all work on Black Friday. If they do adjust their schedules, people like me could complain that we--as taxpayers--deserve to have the buses run when we want them to run (notice please the first paragraph--this is not a dig...), never mind that had I done a little homework, I could have avoided the confusion.

I hope the drivers had a wonderful time with their loved ones. Knowing that they had that opportunity made driving to work no problem at all.

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