Sunday, November 24, 2013

So, We Got The Chromecast...

Last Tuesday I bought this at Best Buy. The ads and concept intrigued me. And, it's only $35!

I should have done my homework.

Now, I'm not saying I wasted my money--not at all. What it does, it does really well, and it's quite a little marvel of technology. What I didn't know is that the device doesn't broadcast everything on your computer to a TV. Sure, you can watch Netflix from your iPhone or Kindle, but not from your laptop. You can watch YouTube videos from your laptop (or iPhone or Kindle...). Also, you can't watch Amazon Prime programs or programs you bought on iTunes on it.

It makes sense, of course. Chrome is run by Google. If I wanted to watch everything on my computer, I should have bought an Apple TV unit, but they're 3X the cost of the Chromecast.

So, in short, I've gotten about 1/3 the use from the Chromecast as I would from Apple TV. I guess it's an okay deal. 

But, I should have done my homework.

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