Monday, November 18, 2013

Tooth, Be Gone...

It happens to all of us, all of us with teeth, that is...the experience of losing that first tooth. This event occurred in our house over the weekend. As with most things that happen for the first time, my son's tooth reached the "pullable" status several days before. "Twist it. Pull it. Get that thing out of there." Those phrases could be heard throughout our house a lot last week.

My son is a little old to be losing his first tooth--he's nine-years old. I think the older you get when those pesky baby's teeth begin falling out, the weirder the experience. And I should know. I lost my first baby tooth at age eleven, and I lost my last baby tooth when I was sixteen.

The rest of my kid's natural tooth extractions seem to mirror that of other people, other ordinary people. But our youngest--at least as far as baby teeth are concerned--seems to take after his dear ol' dad.

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