Thursday, November 28, 2013

What We Did And Did Not Do This Thanksgiving...

 I write this blog mostly for my family, and if you've read more than a couple of posts, you already know that. It's not New York Times worthy, but once in a while, I'll hit one out of the park. For the past two years I've written about our Thanksgiving day adventures.

And so the tradition continues.

Things we did:

Slept in
Ate turkey
Created a fruit plate to somewhat resemble a turkey
Watched football
Put puzzles together
Went to the in-laws for dinner
Made homemade egg nog
Celebrated my birthday with a birthday pie
Ate pies
Took photos
Ate stuffing
Took videos
Sent text messages w/photos to friends and family
Ate too much delicious food
Played Scrabble
Carved (poorly) the turkey
Compared thumbs around the table
Went on a drive to see Layton City lights

Those things were a lot of fun!

Things we didn't do:

Didn't get up early
Didn't participate in any sporting activities (turkey football, 5Ks, etc...)
Didn't camp out and/or participate in any Black Friday sales events
Serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter
Eat vegetarian
Go to see a movie
Skimp on delicious food


I hope you and your family had a wonderful day and remembered just how blessed we all are, because if you did, then you did what we did, too. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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