Monday, September 15, 2014

Bookbomb Time...Danyelle Leafty's "Saltwater Curiosities"


I was asked if I would help spread the word on Danyelle Leafty's latest work, Saltwater Curiosities. Sure! I said. I know nothing of the book, but I have met the author and her husband and--unlike my book promotion blog for John Brown last week, I've read one of Danyelle's books (I still need to get one of John's books and read it...).

Danyelle's like a lot of us who write. She's published a lot of titles, actually, and is trying to get people to pick up one of her books, or click on a link where a person can buy one of her books. Her husband should get an award for "Most Promotional Spouse."

Wait...that came out wrong.

Let's just say he's a huge supporter and her biggest (metaphorically speaking...) fan. I applaud that. He's supporting a person who I'm sure is overwhelmed with all the comes from being a mom, a wife, and a creative person.

So, go: HERE to order her book on Amazon, or check out her website: HERE for even more titles. And if you're on the fence, do it for the spouse!

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