Friday, September 5, 2014

Photos With Celebrities...Never Been My Thing

For the past year (and maybe a couple of years before...), I've had the opportunity to be in the same building with some pretty famous people. And earlier this year and this weekend, I was in the same room with some of those people.

And yet, I've turned down the opportunity to have my picture taken with them.

At these large conventions a huge draw for many patrons are the stars. And the Salt Lake Comic Cons have drawn some of the biggest names there are. Many of the celebrities will allow us commoners to have our pictures taken with them, but for a price. Much of the money they raise for signatures and photos goes to charity, which I think is pretty cool.

So, I can always use the excuse that I can't really swing the steep price to have my picture taken with them. But, because of my association with the cons, I've been lucky enough to get close to some of these stars.

Still, I resist asking. It's just not my thing.

Until today. I carried with me a picture of my son who is currently serving a LDS mission. I approached two celebrities (celebrities that he would know...) and asked them a simple question. "Can I get a picture of you and my son?" They agreed, then looked around for the little tyke. That's when I pulled my son's picture out of my breast pocket and told him what I was doing. Both Richard Paul Evans and Jon Heder seemed to like the idea.

I'm going to send him the pictures the next time I send my son a letter. I hope he enjoys the pictures. Funny, I guess we'll do some things for our kids we won't do for ourselves.

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  1. I did enjoy todays blog. What a good Daddy you are, thinking of your son and getting those pictures.