Saturday, September 13, 2014

Have You Been To Sears Lately...?

When was the last time you were in a Sears store? For us, it was about 3 1/2 years ago. Normally, I don't ask myself that kind of question when I enter a store, but I did yesterday when my wife and I visited the store to pick up a lawnmower part.

We drove along the road and in big letters the name "Sears Grand" welcomed us. Of course, we were seeing the back wall of the store, but the advertising was effective--and impressive. We had to drive to the end of the shopping development, get off the busy road, then drive to Sears.

On the way to Sears Grand was a Wal-Mart and a Sam's Club, but as we approached the behemoth that was the Sears Grand, the first thing we noticed is there were almost no cars in the Sears Grand parking lot.

We entered the store and saw first hand, there was hardly anyone in the store. There might have been as many or more employees in the store than patrons. As it turns out, we entered in the entrance furthest from where we needed to go so we decided to check out the store.

Now, I'm not one that keeps up on the financial stability of US Companies.* I believe I've heard of the troubles Sears has had and if this store was any indication, the rumors are true. It was sad walking the length of the store and seeing almost no one. What makes it especially sad is that the Sears organization has had such an important role in the building of our country. Then again, I think businesses should be allowed to fail. If they don't, they become corrupt (my opinion--see previous "*" for my lack of experience in the area...).

The last time we stepped foot inside a Sears was when we bought our mower. This time we needed a part for said mower. I wonder if the company will be there if something else breaks. I guess we'll see.

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