Saturday, September 6, 2014

Local Authors...Continually Blown Away By Their Coolness!

I just returned from a convention and I met a lot of people, which includes, a lot of writers. Most of them were local--others were not, but I noticed something about the writers I met.

Almost all of them were amazingly friendly. The section where our group had our books was a stone's throw from a large local book retailer who signed up local authors to sign their books every hour. I spent a lot of time there just talking to authors. Some I knew of but some I didn't. After speaking with them for a little while, I learned a lot about how they broke into the business, if they had agents and who published their books. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't buy all their books, but when we parted, I got the feeling that we could continue our conversations at the next con.

But one author, Tyler Whitesides made my day. He and I were on a Star Wars/Star Trek panel in April. At the time I didn't know much about him. I've since heard he's a popular local author. I had my daughter with me today so I wanted her to meet him. Each time I've spoken to these authors I've had to introduce myself, but Typer, he called me by name and signed a poster and a bookmark for my daughter. I thought that was really really cool.

The doors to the convention have closed and everyone involved is now resting their feet. And I'm still amazed at how nice these authors were. I'm proud to work working to join their ranks.

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