Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Cleaning The Company Fridge...

Many of you, like me, work in an office and one of the responsibilities of working in an office is a shared obligation to keep things tidy.

Which means, taking turns cleaning the kitchen area.

This month, it's my department's turn and last week my name was called. I've worked in several offices--some take the cleaning duties seriously, others not so much. Luckily, our floor does a pretty good job. 

We only have a few rules. We send out an e-mail notifying the floor and give everyone a chance to take care of their own stuff. We tell them that if the food's expired, it's gone. If something's not labeled, it's gone. We then take everything out of the two fridges on our floor, wipe down the shelves, then put back items where only the food's owners have followed the rules.

We didn't throw away much, but we did find one item that expired over a year ago. Apparently, those who cleaned before didn't follow the rules.

My turn is over, at least, for a little while.

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