Monday, September 1, 2014

Nothing Dwarfish About This Bounty...

A few years ago we got a fruit tree as a gift--actually, it was a gift for my daughter. It's a dwarf tree and since I know almost nothing about fruit trees (except for the first 10 years we harvested cherries after moving to Farmington, the fruit had no little white worms inside...), I assumed a dwarf tree would yield not a lot of fruit.

Like I said, I didn't know much about fruit trees.

This year's nectarine crop from our one tree has been amazing! The photo of the box full of nectarines represents about a third of all the fruit this little tree produced, and I believe last year's crop was similar.

After all the food is processed, we'll probably have used about half of the crop--the rest will be given to friends. From now on, I won't underestimate my daughter's little tree.

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