Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wanted...New Neighbor

We knew they were moving, out neighbors at the end of the street. It wasn't until today that I saw the "For Sale" sign. I guess it's official.

Forty five years ago my parents bought some land and we began to build a house. After my father past away a few years later, my mom literally "lived off that land." She sold building lots incrementally to keep herself and her three children fed, clothed and sheltered. The first lot we sold was bought by the Seeley family and they built the home now for sale.

The Seeleys lived there for several years. Eventually they moved and sold it to the current owners who have probably lived there for almost thirty years.

So, here's an announcement letting everyone know that if they wish to live on the side of a mountain with incredible sunsets and the occasional sound of tigers roaring from Lagoon, now's your chance!

Believe it or not, my system of picking my neighbors has proved quite successful. I'm personally responsible to choosing three of our immediate neighbors. Thanks to my meddling, the neighbors to the north and south and across the street were told those homes were going up for sale before anyone else knew. The eventual owners had an advantage in the home-buying process. Hopefully they're pleased with their homes and as having us as their neighbors.

And so, you too can join our little slice of heaven on the side of a mountain! If you're interested, the phone number to call (sorry it's hard to see in the photo...) is: 801.451.5290. I have no idea what they're asking or the condition of the home, but I can tell you, their lawn is so well maintained--it's beautiful.

If you want more info, let me know. Come on! Check it out! Buy the house! Be our neighbors! It'll be fun!

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