Monday, August 11, 2014

But Did Neil Gaiman Actually READ The Blog...That I Don't Know


So, there I was at rehearsal. I had written my blog post early so I wouldn't have to post it after rehearsal, which can run really late the week before a show opens (the original book report blog post of Neverwhere can be found: HERE).

I remember thinking, "Should I put Mr. Gaiman's name on the tweet?" I've done so when posting other book reviews on Twitter. In fact, I try and include anyone on my tweets if I blog about them.

We were taking a break during the rehearsal and so I checked my e-mail. There were several e-mails notifying me that my little tweet had been re-tweeted--more e-mails than usual, I thought.

Then I realized why.

Mr. Gaiman re-tweeted my tweet.

Now I understand in the grand scheme of things, this is not earth-shattering news. I mean, it was nice of him to do that--he didn't have to, and I'm sure with over two million followers (not to mention, the need to create more amazing stuff for us followers to read...), he's probably a busy man. He can't respond to EVERYTHING us fans tweet about him.

But, he did re-tweet my little post.

And so I say, Thank You, Mr. Gaiman! That night I went around telling my fellow thespians what happened. I'm sure more than a few were sick of hearing me say the words: "re-tweet" and "Neil Gaiman." But, for a moment, at least, it made my day.

As to whether or not he actually read my little review (where I embarrassingly admitted that a few years ago I didn't know who he was...), I don't know. Perhaps I'll never know. The question I have now is, should I again add Mr. Gaiman's name to the tweet on this blog post?

Sure...why not? I mean, it's a way to say "Thank You."

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Neil Gaiman's wife, musician Amanda Palmer. She's the only celebrity who has ever retweeted me when I asked her a question about her music. I'm sure he's taken some tips from her on how to use social media (she's a master at this) as a means to reach out to fans. How cool of him to retweet you.