Monday, August 18, 2014

Did You Know There Were Two Red Iguanas?

There are always a few places to eat that rise above the rest. Where I live, one of these restaurants is The Red Iguana. I’ve blogged about this particular eatery before, but it wasn’t until today that I learned there are not one, but two restaurants bearing that name. Today I had lunch with my department at The Red Iguana 2.

The place is great, with stellar service and wonderful food, at least the Chile Verde Platter I had was delicious! We gathered to wish our current boss on her new adventure and to welcome her replacement. If you've been to the other Red Iguana, this place lis arranged quite different. It's an open space, a single room. Of course, if you're hungry, the space doesn't matter that much.

I don’t know how long The Red Iguana 2 has been around, but I’m pretty sure that the people waiting in line for a table at The Red Iguana 1 probably don’t know there’s another fantastic restaurant serving the same food only a block and a half away.

And where else can you enjoy delicious food all under the watchful eye of Salvador Dali?

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