Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here You Go, Chris--Pictures Of Our Little Gracie...

I ran into my neighbor at church today and she complimented me on some of the pictures I've posted over the days, months and years. But, she told me I needed more pictures of one particular thing.


Several years ago I visited my neighbor around Christmas time and I noticed a black and white longhair cat sitting on her front porch. It was night and it was December and I hoped the cat was warm enough. When I asked her about the cat (because I knew she had cats that lived inside her house...), she told me that the cat was a stray and it showed up on their porch about two weeks earlier. Since she didn't know anything about the cat, they set up a little bed outside and began feeding her, but they didn't feel they could allow her inside. She was worried about her other cats.

It just so happened that within a few days the family did something we hardly ever do--we went to a local pet store on a Saturday when they were doing cat adoptions. Since we already had a cat, the thought of getting another cat never entered my mind.

Until we went to the pet store. It was then I considered adopting Gracie, the cat currently residing outside at my friend's house. And so, we adopted Gracie and gave her a home. Several hundred dollars and a complete buzz haircut later, she became our second cat.

I like taking pictures of Gracie. Her white, carmel and black colors are beautiful and lend well to the camera's eye.

So, Chris--here's some pictures I took of Gracie today. Hope you like them!

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