Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Craig Nybo's Gangrene Film Festival...An Event Of Awesomeness!

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The Gangrene Film Festival 

In two days an event takes place, in a town surrounded by towering mountains and a big stinky lake. People will gather, children will stare in wonder, adults will cry tears of joy and all involved will be moved on a basic level--for this weekend marks the return of the Gangrene Film Festival to Layton, Utah.

It's safe to say that without Craig Nybo there would be no Gangrene Film Festival. I heard about the festival years ago and since I've never gone, I knew the people behind it must have a sense of humor I would appreciate. Earlier this year I met Mr. Nybo, someone I should have gotten to know a long time ago. Had I done so, my life would have been much more enriched--enriched with entertainment, creativity, and friendship.

A few months ago I asked Craig about the Gangrene Film Festival and a possible artistic collaboration. The man's eyes lit up and he spoke of it as a proud father would of his child. He got me so excited to join in on the phone, but as it happens so often, obstacles have been placed in my path that prevents me from attending this year's edition.


So, if you're around and want to have some kick-butt entertainment as well as hearing from many brilliant authors and creative types, please check it out! You can access their website: HERE and click the top picture for details. 

The Gangrene Film Festival--It's Infectious! 


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