Thursday, August 28, 2014

College Football Begins Today! Happy Day! Oh...Happy Day!

Can I tell you that I'm having a fantastic day? At work today I realized that today was just one of those days when everything aligned like a harmonic convergence. First of all, once the workday was over, a 4-day weekend begins. Second, I'm going to submit a short story to my publisher this weekend. Third, it's payday, and fourth (and perhaps most important...), 

College Football Begins Today!

All these things made my workday a much more pleasant experience!

I know, I'm a sucker for my team. It's where I graduated with my first degree. I rooted for them when they during the terrible years and I reveled in the wins when they were one of the best teams in the nation--twice they were the best team in the nation, based on theirs---and everyone else's record.

Sure, they've had a couple of losing seasons, and they may break my heart again this year, but considering they're playing some of the country's best competition, I'll take it. After all, I'm still a sucker for the underdog (Go Wildcats!).

It's just after halftime and the Utes are rolling, 42-7 and one day, they'll do this against the best the Pac-12 has to offer. That may take years, but as for me on this beautiful August evening, I'm a happy man and a Utah Man!

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