Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Huntsville Cemetery...

We took a drive this weekend. After driving a while, we took a left and drove to the end of the road and at the end of that road we came to the Huntsville Cemetery.

The cemetery is surrounded by water, by a manmade reservoir in a beautiful valley. The main gate to the cemetery was padlocked closed--a kind, local gentleman (I'm assuming he was local; he could have just known a lot about the area...) saw me taking pictures through the gate and told me that a side gate was unlocked and that I could go in and take more pictures.

When I was a kid, cemeteries gave me the creeps. The one in our town used to freak me out when we'd walk by at night, but now, I love them. Each time I drive by one I want to stop and look at the names and wonder who they were.

My family waited in the car while my youngest son and I spent only a few minutes within the gated space. Had I more time I could have gotten some more impressive shots, but for me, it was enough. Maybe one day I'll go back.


  1. Did this happen to be the Huntsville Cemetary as in Huntsville, AL?

    1. Sorry Lea--it's Huntsville, Utah, population maybe 1000