Friday, September 12, 2014

Peter Pan...The Video

We closed a show this week and I was commenting today with my wife that it's weird I won't be seeing the cast and crew of the show again. Sure, here and there we'll run into each other or, if we're lucky, do another show together. But when we do one of these shows, we see them sometimes more than we do our family.

One thing I like to do while in a show it take pictures and shoot videos of the people. I think the stage managers thing I'm nuts filming from off stage the action taking place only feet away. And it's a vantage point no one in the audience ever gets to see. but it's how I see a show when I'm in a show.

So I compiled some of those pictures and videos and set it to the cool song, Take Me Away, performed by the incredibly talented Pat Leishman. You can access his website: HERE. It's a little long, so if you're not in the show or know people that are, the video might be a little boring. Hopefully if you were in the show or know someone who was, it won't be. Apologies to half the cast. This is a little (or a lot...) one-cast-strong, even thought I tried getting some pictures with everyone.

The video's up on YouTube. The link can be found: HERE. Again, I hope this brings back some fun memories of those came together and had a great time.

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