Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Names On Cokes--Some Say Annoying...Some Say Dumb...I Say Brilliant Advertising!

I wonder what you thought when you first saw/heard about Coca Cola's marketing campaign where different names appear on the side of Coke cans and bottles. Maybe some of you thought it was dumb, or annoying, but personally, I thought it was genius.

And, as it continues, I've not changed my opinion. In fact, I'm more convinced now than I was then. I bought a 20 oz. Coke the other day and brought it home because I failed to drink it all. I put it in the fridge then forgot about it. My wife got home and asked me, "Who's Harriet?"

I had nothing.

I had no idea what she was talking about. My mind raced to think of an e-mail we might have gotten from someone named "Harriet." So, I asked her, "Who's Harriet?" She then told me it was the name on the bottle and she was just having a little fun.

But the above picture shows the true power of Coke's idea. I bought another bottle and it had the name "Blake" on it. First thing that came to my mind was all the people I know, or have known, named Blake. Then, because I have a friend on social media named Blake I took a picture of the two Blakes together. If I had a million followers and I showed them my picture, that's 100% free advertising for Coke. They don't have to pay a dime for that coverage. Now, my social media reach is no where near that, but it's my picture is still a free ad for Coke.

And every time anyone does the same thing, the result's the same, too--free ads.

I have no idea how long the campaign will last, but Coca Cola has successfully created something for the 21st century. Well done!


  1. Clever marketing. We don't drink Coke in my house.

  2. So stupid. I will either spend 10 minutes with the convenience store's fridge door open trying to find my name or just randomly pull 2 in a hurry only to find they represent enemies.