Friday, September 19, 2014

Evan Bacon...Brix Master!

I saw a lot of things at this year's Salt Lake Comic Con--a lot of impressive things. But one of the most impressive things was seeing the art of the son of a high school buddy, a son who is, literally, building a name for himself.

Evan Bacon builds things out of Lego bricks, big things. I got to meet him and I snapped a few pictures. I also met his mom. I checked his website and it looks both cool and ambitious. And more information will be coming next month.

I don't know a lot about what's coming--I'll have to wait until October like everyone else--but based on the website information (you can access it: HERE...), you'll be able to build your own life-sized sculptures. 

The picture I took of the superhero sculptures at Comic Con doesn't do the art justice. It's so impressive. And I wish him and his new venture the very best!

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  1. That looks wonderful having a Lego hungry 11 year old grandson. I hope it will be available in the UK.