Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fathead Military Ad...Brilliant

I saw an ad yesterday for a wall decal, but for me, it was much more than that.

Maybe you've seen it. It's from Fathead Wall Decals. I've always thought they had a great product with huge wall-sized decals of sports heroes, superheroes, Disney images, Star Wars images, Video Game images and other art scenes. 

They also have military pictures. I wonder if the company catches any heat over their support of the military. I'm sure there are those who disapprove of any support of the military, but I don't believe it's the majority. I think the military decals look fantastic.

I would have loved to have had these things when I was a kid and I would have liked to have been able to buy something like this for my kids. I think I checked into it once--to see how much the decals were. They're high quality and therefore, a little too pricey for us so we never purchased them for our home.

But when I saw the ad, it gave me a new appreciation for the company and their mission. The ad shows a toddler giving a hug to an image of his father that's on the wall, a father who cannot be with his young family because he's serving his country. What a great thing for the company to do. And Fathead is donating all the net profits from the sale of their military products to Operation Homefront, an organization that provides emergency assistance for US military troops, the families they leave behind and wounded servicemen when they come home.

My father came from a military family with five brothers serving in WWII, my dad included. It's humbling to see a company do something nice for the military when they don't have to.

To those at Fathead, well done! I wish only for the best with this campaign and continued success in the future! You can see the full ad: HERE. You can access information on Fathead's military program: HERE. You can go to the company's website: HERE.

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