Saturday, October 4, 2014

True Blue--Oh, The Agony...


How can they lose? After all, it's only the Aggies. And Utah State hasn't won in Provo in what...36 years?

There were many reasons to be confident. A top-25 ranking, a potential Heisman Trophy candidate, and a home crowd used to seeing their boys in blue run over lesser talented teams.

The problem was, no one told the Utah State Aggies that they were supposed to come in, lay down and get run over. For Cougar fans, this one's going to hurt, and hurt for a long, long time. Hurt longer than Taysom Hill's broken leg, longer than the other injuries suffered by Leavitt, Kersley, and Fua. 

Longer than it took for fans traveling north of the Point of the Mountain to get home. Gone are the national title hopes, the Heisman, the undefeated season, and the dreams of many, many people.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt so bad if BYU faithful weren't so...well, faithful. They believe in an almost impossible dream of their soldiers returning to past glory, when losing came as often as a blue moon, and conference championships were almost guaranteed.

It's my opinion that those days are gone and most likely, not going to return. The Y can't (or won't...) compete with the power teams, the ones willing to do almost anything to win. Sure, they can beat up a top-10 team now and again, but they are no longer the dominant football team in Utah and haven't been for twenty years. There's other considerations, too. They won't play on Sundays. And it's questionable that they'll ever join a power conference. 

Then again, I have absolutely no credibility to these claims--I'm just a person who watches games and blogs everyday.

Congratulations to the Aggies! They pushed around the big boys, and contrary to many BYU fans, had a great chance of winning that game even if the BYU quarterback hadn't broken his leg. They came and they conquered and it broke the hearts of Cougar fans everywhere. Last night, we were all Aggies!

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  1. I'm trying to find something nice to say, but I can't. Did you have similar things to say about Utah last week when they lost to Washington State? I doubt it. In football, they call it "Unsportsmanlike Conduct".

    I like your blog. You are a great writer. It's personal in nature. But this one doesn't fit. It wasn't enough to celebrate a Utah victory over UCLA, you had to criticize a fan base of a team that Utah won't even play anymore for being "too faithful".

    Sorry Scott. I will continue to read your blog.