Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Penny!

Two years ago I didn't know Penny Freeman--I think we might have been Facebook friends at the time, or commented on similar posts from the iWriteNetwork. We had many of the same friends. Little did I know that two years later this woman would greatly impact my fledgling writing career.

Penny's amazing! Simply put...amazing! Without Penny Xchyler Publishing would not exist. And without Xchyler, I wouldn't have three short stories published in three anthologies. I was lucky enough to meet Penny at this year's Salt City Steamfest in August. The pictures here are of Penny and her brother Scott. She was wonderful, even considering the previous week she and her family had had.

But if you know nothing else of Penny, I want you to know she's an exceptional writer and editor. I've been fortunate enough to have my short stories published alongside hers. She writes the kind of stories that stay with you and live a while in your mind.

Today is Penny's birthday and I'm glad to be considered her friend. Happy birthday, Penny and thanks--thanks for everything!

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