Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thank You...Dr. Hendricks

Back when I first entered college--decades ago--I remember sitting in on an informal orientation with a bunch of other freshmen at the beginning of the new year. It was a Utah State and I was glad for the meeting. I really didn't know much about college. In fact, I had not yet chosen a major. I thought I HAD to choose a major when I started school. Such was the depth of my lack of knowledge.

A few of us sat around the student union building (I forgot the name of it...) and the person from school assigned to our group asked us each what degree we were pursuing. I said I wasn't sure, but I remember one guy who was quite sure what he wanted to do.

He wanted to be a chiropractor.

The USU rep said, "Oh, so you want to make a lot of money?" He said he did and we all laughed.

I think that's the first time I ever heard about chiropractic care. I never saw a chiropractor in my youth and I really didn't know what they did. Today I visited, for the second time in as many days, a chiropractor and he has helped my back feel so much better. If you're in Davis County, Dr. Hendricks has my recommendation.

And now that I think about it...I wonder if that fellow student ever became a chiropractor. I mean, if he just wanted to make a lot of money, it's much easier to start a church.

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  1. Nice! Chiropractors are such massive help. They can take off of the burden of pains, both chronic and acute. That's why it's always good to know that there are not just a few in the profession who can provide the proper skill for that. All the best to you!

    Vanessa Adams @ Oshawa Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation