Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday...Sigma Gamma Chi Gangster Dance

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Facebook as part of a "Throwback Thursday" thing (no one does alliteration like Facebook...). I found it when I was looking through some old pictures in the basement.

Let's just say it brought back a lot of memories.

This is a photo from a fraternity dance that was held...well, many years ago. I remember that dance for a couple of reasons. The first time I went was a year before this picture was taken and the date I took to that dance was engaged (to someone else...) about two months after our date.

So the next year I asked another friend and I remember telling her when we went to the dance what happened to my date the year before and that she'd better watch out because by accompanying me to the dance, she ran the risk of being engaged (to someone other than me...) in a matter of months.

Sure enough, a few months after this photo was taken, a ring appeared on her finger. I don't believe I ever went to that dance again. Honestly, I was glad for both of them--we weren't dating, just friends who had a good time together. I hope they're doing well wherever they are.

There are some in this photo who I don't know (and don't know if I knew them even back then...), but many I've kept in touch with over the years. I recall those days fondly and consider myself blessed to have associated with so many wonderful people. It's amazing the emotions that a picture can garner. It was fun dusting this one off and remembering some of those college days.

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