Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Value Of 99¢...


What can you buy for 99¢?

An app.

Excluding tax and an extra penny, pretty much anything at the Dollar Store.

And, if you're lucky, a can of pop from certain vending machines.

But, for a limited time, you can buy...



Adventures into exciting new worlds!

Yes! For a limited time, you can buy published anthologies from Xchyler Publishing! And they're only NINETY-NINE CENTS!

Dive headlong into the magical world of Fantasy with Moments In Millennia, A Fantasy Antology. 

Explore the world of dragons with Forged In Flame, A Dragon Anthology.

If steampunk's your thing, there's two books for you! Mechanized Masterpieces, A Steampunk Anthology and Terra Mechanica, A Steampunk Anthology.

There's one for thriller fans: A Dash of Madness, A Thriller Anthology.

And one for those who like paranormal. Shades and Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology.

But you'd better hurry! I don't know how long these incredible deals will last! Seriously, if you've got a buck, just go to Amazon: HERE and download any or all of these books! They're full of great stories from some pretty talented authors. I'm sure you'll find something for you!

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