Thursday, October 9, 2014

Short Story Chosen...Needs LOTS Of Work!

Last year, at this time, things were going well for me, as far as getting short stories published. I had submitted two stories for two anthologies, and both were chosen.

I thought, "Hey--this short story thing is pretty easy."

But then, reality hit.

Since the summer of 2013, I've submitted several short stories for other anthologies and none were chosen. I took the rejections in stride, and when I took an honest look at the stories I submitted, they were not the strongest.


It's kind of a bummer not to be chosen.

Then Xchyler Publishing announced last year that they were going to publish another Mechanized Masterpieces Steampunk Anthology to be released February, 2015. I'll always love Mechanized Masterpieces (or, MMSA as it's come to be known...) because that's the book where my first published story can be found.

I also love the concept behind the book. Stories available from the public domain are fair game for a steampunk update, and since many of those stories are set in the Victorian era, it lends itself quite well to the steampunk genre. I wrote a story based on Jack London's Call of the Wild and I sent it in. 

And then I waited, as all writers must do.

Yesterday I heard that my story was chosen to be part of Mechanized Masterpieces II. And I'm so, so happy! Today I read through the story I submitted--it's not long, only 8K, and...well, more than a few times, I thought, "Boy! This thing needs A LOT of work!"

In short, I thought the story was better than it actually was. The good news is now the editing begins. I like the story, now I need to make it great. 


  1. Well done and good luck with your edits.

  2. Looking forward to our two stories coming out side by side!