Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Sign Of The Times...

Continuing on my "sign" theme, this came to my attention earlier this week. As I drove to work a few days ago I noticed a small change. I almost missed it, but I knew something was different.

The speed limits in the downtown section of our little hamlet have changed.

We can now travel 5 m.p.h. faster than we used to.

For years I got used to driving at a slower speed. I tried making sure my car didn't go too fast--I tried being courteous. After all, I don't want to get a ticket, and, the absolute last thing I want to have happen, I don't want to hit someone because I was going too fast.

I have friends who live on these streets. Sure, they have literal front-row seats to the annual Farmington Festival Days parade, but other than that, I do not envy their situation. I've driven to my friend's home during various parts of the day. There are times when you cannot get out of the driveway--there are just too many cars. And, heaven help you if there's an accident on the interstate and people drive through towns to get home. Then it's a nightmare.

I understand why these things change. If you took an informal poll of those who travel these roads (and if they knew they wouldn't get in trouble for telling the truth...), most would admit to driving above the posted speed limit. It was 35 m.p.h. before and now it's 40 m.p.h. On other streets, it was 30 m.p.h. and now it's 35 m.p.h. I probably drove almost 35 on the 30 and  40 on the 35 many times on these roads. What worries me is, because the speed limits are higher, people will be driving five to ten m.p.h. over the posted limit. 

I wonder if anyone who voted to make these changes actually lives on the streets that are effected. Or do they just want to drive faster on these roads so they can get home sooner.

That's an interesting question.

So, now we'll all go faster and get to where we're going seconds ahead of the time we did before. And since we're so obsessed with getting to where we want to go as quick as possible, the new speed limit is truly a sign of the times.

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