Monday, June 5, 2017

Richard Paul Evans's "Michael Vey: Fall Of Hades"...A Book Review


It's been a while since I posted a book review--it's been a while since I finished a book, audiobook, ebook, or hard copy. That happens when you're focusing on other projects, like books of your own. I've heard more than once very successful authors say that to be a good, or better writer, you can't stop reading. I would love to return to the days when I could finish at least one book each week, and maybe one day I will.

But today, I finished the sixth installment of the Michael Vey saga, Richard Paul Evans's Michael Vey: The Fall of Hades. Evans continues to provide a story driven by good vs. evil, incredible odds stacked against the protagonists, and perhaps, more importantly, imagination.

Michael and his Electroclan--a group of people with special powers--are once again trying to stop the Evil Hatch before he stops them. The series has always had themes of working together as a team as well as recruiting former enemies to join their ranks in the battle of good and bad. This installment continues that thread. Former enemies become allies and the fight goes on. And, like the novels that came before, no one of the characters are safe--people die.

What I've enjoyed in the previous books is found in the pages of The Fall of Hades. Evans allows the characters to better understand their powers and abilities the same we we, the readers, do. Just like in life, our lives are not stagnant. New discoveries are made within the group and among the members of the Electroclan individually. Michael tries to understand himself as his powers increase, culminating in the exciting climax, and since the last book of the series has been announced, the cliffhanger is (for me...) not "will Michael return," but how. Even if I hadn't known of the final book's release, the ending is powerful (pardon the pun...)and full of possibilities.

Since I haven't been going through books like I have before, I didn't know the book had been out as long as it has. I would have liked to have read it sooner, but later is better than not at all. And, it's less time between now and when I get my hands on the final chapter. Well done, Rich!

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