Monday, June 12, 2017

Paragon City Games...

I wrote about Fryecon yesterday. Conventions are a great place to get to know authors, readers, and those who love to read and write.

But sometimes you get to know others as well, like some of the people behind Paragon City Games, a company that's more than a gaming store.

I've known about Paragon City Games for years. I've listened to Daniel Swenson's podcast, Dungeon Crawlers Radio many times. Paragon City is a sponsor. In fact, many of Dan's podcasts have originated from the store. The company sponsors other events as well, events geeks and nerds of all ages and types like to frequent.

I've not yet stepped foot in their store. This is something I'd like to remedy. But, then again, I don't get out much very often (as many of my friends who have invited me to various events can testify...). It's not that I don't want to experience their store, but our lack of going places makes it tough.

On the first day of Fyrecon, I met Alton, one of the main dudes in charge of all the awesomeness. We chatted. I told him I've been admiring their store from afar and he told me about all the cool things the company does. I told them there was a great gaming store in Kaysville that's no longer there and we discussed how difficult it can be to not only open a gaming store, but maintain a customer base which allows them to stay in business. I was impressed by what they do for authors, gamers, their public.

Now, I'm not writing this because they gave me a free shirt. Oh, no, my friends. I've written nice things for much less. But the shirt, the conversation, all of it impressed me. I met a business owner who wants to create a space that's more than just four walls, product, and a cash register (or card reader...). If their store reflects the attitude Alton showed me (and I'll bet it does...), Paragon City Games sounds like a place I'd not only love, but would like to frequent as much as I can. I hope that day comes soon. You can visit their website: HERE, or their Facebook site: HERE. I hope if you haven't been there before, you--like me--will want to go.

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