Saturday, June 24, 2017

Feeling Like Frankenstein...

I think I picked up my love of tinkering from my dad. Of course, I don't know if he liked to take things apart, but I know he liked to build things and we was great at building things. I remember as a kid I took apart a telephone to see how it worked. I believe it was a rotary phone. I don't think I put it back together, though. In fact, I'm pretty sure it never took another call.

My youngest son had a problem with his Nintendo 2DS. The bottom screen wasn't working. I don't know much about those things, except they're a lot more complicated than an old rotary telephone. We looked online to see how to fix them. We checked out prices for replacement parts. We did some research.

I then turned to KSL Classifieds for help. And I found what we were looking for.

Will up in Ogden had a 2DS with broken screens for twenty bucks. I texted him to see if he thought the bottom screen worked. My son's bottom screen no longer registered taps with the stylus. Will said he thought his might work. I asked my son if he wanted to pony up the $20 knowing we were taking a chance. He said yes. This morning my son and I drove to Ogden. We met Will and my son passed over the cash.

Phase One--done.

Next came the tough part.

I spent three hours following some good YouTube instructions on how to disassemble a Nintendo 2DS (thank you Once I found the right tools (my old little screwdrivers didn't work and I was saved by my oldest who had some that did...) and got the units apart, I was able to create my masterpiece, my conglomeration, my monster. I put in the battery, screwed down the last piece of plastic, crossed my fingers, and turned it on.

It's ALIVE!!

Actually, it was a lot of fun. My son's money wasn't wasted. He's got a repaired player, and the best thing of all was, my son may think of me as a tinker. This time, hoever, I had much more success than I did with that old rotary phone.

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