Thursday, June 8, 2017

Weber State University's Davis Campus...My, How You've Grown!

Today was the first day of the first Fyrecon Writing Symposium. There are many reasons for me to be excited about this. One, it's a quality event focusing on serious writing and making writers better. Two, it's brought together not only great writers, but many of my good friends. And three, it's only ten minutes from my home!

I love that.

I'll try and include posts about Fryecon in the coming days, but what struck me as I drove up to the event was the venue. It's being held in a place I really came to love about a decade ago, the Davis campus of Weber State University.

It has grown.

In fact, it's more than doubled in size.

Back when I began graduate school, the WSU Davis Campus was only a year or two old. Th new building had comfortable furniture and free wifi (it wasn't everywhere at that time...). I had a few classes at the main campus in Ogden, but most were in Layton. I had some wonderful experiences in that building. I learned a lot.

Since I last attended class, the school built Building #2 and it's incredible as well. The two buildings reminded me of a time when my family visited my mother's alma mater, Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. We walked around and I saw pictures of the college through the ages. I spotted a shot of two buildings and I showed it to my mom. She said that's what Ricks College looked like when she attended in 1950.


Just two buildings.

I wondered what it was like back then. To me, a college was a large collection of buildings with different schools having different areas and different buildings for each area of study. Honestly, I had a hard time imaging doing everything you needed to do to get a diploma in just two buildings.

I drove away after the day's activities. Wouldn't it be something if one day my kids saw a picture of the Davis Campus as it looks right now (or read this post...), and wondered if anyone could get a diploma in just two buildings. If they do, I'll tell them, I got my degree in only one.

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