Friday, June 30, 2017

Check Out Immortal Works Flash Fiction...What Really Happens In The Bermuda Triangle

I am spreading the word--another episode of Immortal Works Flash Fiction Friday is upon us and this week's story comes from Samuel King who wrote and narrated his story, 

What Really Happens in the Bermuda Triangle

I just listened to it--it's a quick read/listen. You can access the link: HERE.

Immortal Works is in the process of making everything they publish available in audiobook format. I'm SO glad! I love audiobooks, and if I didn't listen to so many podcasts, I'd be able to listen to more books. Each Friday Immortal Works posts a short story. This particular episode centers around the eerie world of the Bermuda Triangle. There's mystery, there's intrigue, there's a fun little ride that only takes three minutes and twenty-one seconds to experience for yourself.

Come on! Give it a shot! Once again, you can access the fun little story: HERE.

Let's show Samuel some love!

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