Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today's Photowalk...Signs

I work in a part of town that's not too conducive to foot traffic. We're only a few miles from the airport. Cars are the preferred mode of travel. So it seems natural to see a lot of signs telling people what they need to know (whether they like it or not...). I didn't start out on my break thinking I would take a lot of pictures of signs, but that changed when I saw the first sign. Apparently, they rent more than cars.

Today was beautiful, even surrounded by blacktop and concrete. And every now and again a huge jet soared into the sky, splitting the air with the sound of its engines. I love watching them.

I suppose there's a place like this in almost every city in America, a Motel 6, a restaurant, a car rental, and wrong way signs. Today I walked in a different direction, saw some things I haven't seen before. That's a pretty good reason for doing anything.

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