Friday, June 2, 2017

Pemberley...In Davis County

We took a drive today. To the south of us, the homes climb up the side of the mountain like ivy, million-dollar ivy. I've seen those homes from down in the valley for years, and I've driving up into the catacomb of homes, but not all the way to the top.

Until today.

What we saw was impressive. There's one home that sits atop a hill. From below it looks like Pemberley. Turns out it looks that way from the side and the front as well. The place is just massive. My wife and I talked about it as we looked up at it. Did it have three floors or four? We wondered how much square footage it had, how much land it was on, how much a place like that would cost.

We also wondered what was in all those rooms.

And the only thing that "one-upped" the homes was the view. I tried capturing how magnificent it was with my phone, but with the sun and the vantage point, I did a poor job of it. Let's just say, watching the sunsets from up there would be almost worth the price it would take to buy the land and build a house that adhered to all the building covenants. 


After, we returned to our neighborhood, to our little cottage on the hill. I hope those who dwell in Pemberley on top of the mountain find as much satisfaction in their home as I do in ours.


  1. Our kids were little when that home was being built. One of them saw it under construction and said "Look Mom, they're building another Bountiful temple!"

  2. My friend Stephanie lives in that home, and it is even more beautiful on the inside than it is on the outside and so are the people who live there. You won't find anyone more down-to-earth or more generous. I think there are four floors with a theater room and a basketball court. :)