Thursday, June 1, 2017

Donation Drive At Work...

I am currently on a committee at work. It's a new committee, a sort of "soul of the company" committee. Since we're new we haven't all met as a group yet, but those who organized the group decided to do a company-wide activity for our first task.

They created a donation drive.

We were asked to contribute three types of items, children's clothes (either new or nearly new...), new pillows (no nearly new pillows allowed, which is a good thing...), and sunscreen. It makes sense--we're donating the items to the local YWCA chapter in our city and summer's just around the corner. It's a great cause and I'm glad I can play a part in it, albeit, a small one. My family--well, really, my daughter--donated several bags of clothes.

Today I walked passed an empty cubicle where our building is storing all the donations while they're being accumulated. It made me think--most likely none of us know any of the people we're helping, but we chose to do it. We live in a world where everything seems to play out on a grand stage. We're inundated with all the problems of the world--just watch any news program, local or national. It's one of the reasons we stopped watching any news programs years ago (I KNOW it's helped us to feel better about ourselves, our fellow man/woman, and the world in general...). How much does all that helping do, anyway?

I believe the way to have the greatest impact is not by making huge sweeping changes, but by simply helping someone out who needs a little assistance. Donating stuff, helping a neighbor move or clean up their yard, even saying a kind word. Plus, it's also the easiest way to help, really. Anyone can do it. We should do it more.

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