Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fyrecon...The Little Con That Could!

This past weekend, at a beautiful satellite campus of Weber State University, a group of authors, artists, editors, agents, and those interested in seeing the continuation of great art, gathered for the first ever Fyrecon

It turned into the little convention that could.

I don't mean to say this was a small endeavor, because it wasn't. A lot of work went into organizing and pulling off the event. There were best-selling authors, renowned artists, amazing craftsmen and women, publishers big and small. There was so much to see and experience, if you got bored, it was your own fault. I was fortunate enough to be asked to teach a few classes and thanks to my son, and a few friends who helped out, I believe those classes turned out to be successful.

I also believe all who either went as contributors or as patrons wished more would have come to the event. Being that this was the first year, it's difficult to let people know what they're in for if they show--no one has had any experience with it before. I haven't been to a lot of conventions, but when I go, I try and gauge how everyone is doing, are they happy, frustrated, excited, miserable? I think those who went will agree that this was a good con. I felt comfortable and at ease. I think those who came tried to make it the best possible.

My guess is there will be another Fyrecon, though I haven't heard anything official. I hope so. It deserves a chance to learn from its first tentative steps on somewhat wobbly legs so it can take that knowledge and experience and one day run with strength and confidence. Thanks DawnRay and all those who worked so hard to organize something that was not only good, but important. You done good!

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