Monday, June 19, 2017

The Key To A Successful IHOP-Con...Flexibility!

When I first read the event description on Facebook, I thought, brilliant.

Basically, a group of friends--who happened to all be writers--would gather at a restaurant and have breakfast. Why I thought this was brilliant is because when we do gather, at conventions, symposiums, book signings, etc., we usually talk shop and enjoy each other's company. Why not get together and break bread--or in this case--pancakes while we talk and have a good time? 

The event was created, a location secured, and plans made.

Funny how plans change.

I arrived at exactly 10am, driving two counties away. I noticed a lot of activity at the Orem IHOP. Not that I know exactly how much activity is normal for a Saturday morning at the Orem IHOP, but it seemed like a lot. And due to Dave Butler's height (the organizer and whose brain child the event was...), I spotted him right away standing and surrounded by several other authors. Before I could officially enter the IHOP parking lot, I was motioned over by a teenager girl--one of several motioning cars over to the curb. 

I lowered my window and heard this:

"Our restaurant is closed for renovation. We're sorry, but here's some coupons for your next visit."

That's when I began to laugh. How classic is that? We plan an activity and the location is shut down. I don't know how often restaurants go through renovations, but it can't be often. So, it was our bad luck we chose the one Saturday morning in probably five or ten years (or 260-520 Saturdays...) in which the place was not open.

I got out after parking the car to chat with the other authors awaiting further instructions. An interesting thing about authors--especially hungry ones. They don't always follow instructions, but when food, good friends, and great conversations are on the line, they will.

Big Dave took responsibility, apologized, then adjust the Breakfast-Con schedule. That's how the first-ever IHOP-Con became the first-ever Dennys-Con.

And a good time was had by all.

Thanks Dave for setting it all up and rolling with the punches!

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