Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sometimes The Stats Surprise You (Me)...

When I began this blog about six and a half years ago, I used to check out the stats everyday--sometimes several times a day. I found it fascinating that my simple little posts could be seen by virtually everyone on the planet. Well, everyone with internet access. I watched to see how many views I had, and from where those views came from. It was fun and exciting.

That lasted about a month, maybe two.

I began blogging after the blogging craze had come and gone. I was okay with that. I really didn't begin the blog--or continue writing it everyday--for mass appeal. I did it to always make sure I wrote at least something everyday, to chronicle events that happened to me and my family, and to have fun.

Thankfully, I've been able to do all those things since January, 2011.

But this last week, I did notice the stats. I had a three-day streak of over 250 views. Then, the following two days only generated thirty-eight views. I'd like all my posts to be of at least some value to those taking their time to click, and hopefully read, the posts. Time is valuable, even if it's just doing a little surfing.

My most popular posts deal with people, which makes sense. I like highlighting people, letting others know about the people in my life--some I know personally, some I admire from afar. Unfortunately, I can't write those every time. It works best when it's spontaneous. At least, that's the way it feels to me.

And so, these words create my latest blog post. It will soon reside with the others, with its 2328 siblings. I don't expect it to get a lot of views.

And that's okay with me.

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