Friday, June 23, 2017

JazzyUte's YouTube Channel--Something Wonderful...Or Not?

A few years ago I was on a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con where we discussed the future of cable television. After a while I forget about some of the things we talk about on those panels, but I remember on that specific panel Rob Defendi said something I've thought about many times. He said that kids these days don't watch TV. They don't watch network TV or even cable. The only thing they do watch, he said, was YouTube.

It sounded strange to me, even at the time. I'm sure they watch at least some cable shows, don't they? Then I thought about what my own kids watch. Yes, they watch some shows, but if we turned off cable today and just had internet, I think they'd be fine with just watching YouTube. I know at least two of my kids would be, anyway.

And maybe, after what I found today, I might be okay with it, too.

You see, today I found, and subscribed to, a YouTube channel, a channel that plays full-length University of Utah football games. It's JazzyUte's YouTube channel. It's a blessing...or is it a curse?

June, July--they're not good months for me. There's no football. I've resorted to watching Canadian football, which isn't that bad a product. Then again, perhaps the lack of competition makes it look better than it actually is. I mean, that wide field, the huge end zones, and only three downs?

Thanks to JazzyUte (and the miracle of modern technology...) I can now watch the last eighteen seconds of last year's U of U/BYU rivalry game (remember that...?). The problem I have now is, when exactly am I going to be able to watch all these games? I'm already too busy as it is. If you want to check out his channel and perhaps subscribe yourself, click: HERE.

So, my question for JazzyUte. Is your channel a blessing...

...or a curse?

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