Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Calling...No More

Today I got a phone call letting me know I was being released from my church calling. It's an assignment I've had for over three and a half years.

In my church we're given assignments, or callings. Unless you're an employee of the church, all the day-to-day functions are completed with unpaid labor. Some callings have more responsibility, such as a Relief Society President (leader of the women in the congregation...), Bishop (congregation leader...), or Stake President (leader of several congregations...). And with great responsibility comes great time commitment. 

My calling was that of Cub Master--an important calling, but one of the ones that didn't require a lot of time. In fact, I'd say of all the callings I've had in my forty years of callings, this one's been great. It helps that I had wonderful people working with me to make life for the boys in our neighborhood just a little better.

Some callings last longer than a couple of years--most, in fact. Three years is about average for many of them, so my release wasn't that surprising. The timing threw me a little bit. Next month is the Annual Blue & Gold Banquet, a time when the scouts have a sit down meal with the whole family. There's a program, games, and good fun. For the first time in four years, I won't be a part of it. But change is good. It's time for another to take up the binder of Cub Scout information and use The Scoutmaster Minute book. He'll now get a chance to help the boys in the neighborhood, and if his experience is anything like mine, he'll get a lot out of it.

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