Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Trader Joe's Theory...But Does It Hold Up?

I came across a story on Yahoo's homepage today. I usually scan the headlines, but rarely do I fall for their catchy headlines. But this click-bate story hooked me, and I bit. It had to do with something bizarre at Trader Joe's.

You can access the Yahoo story: HERE.

It's an interesting theory. According to the article, Actor Daniel Spenser noticed that things found in Traders Joe's have five syllables in their names. Several items were identified to prove his point.

Harvest whole wheat bread 
Mini beef tacos 
Super burrito
Pita bite crackers 
Three seed beet crackers 
Pesto and quinoa

From those examples, Daniel's theory holds true. But I wanted more proof. We had a few Trader Joe's items left over from Christmas. Did the names follow the five-syllable rule?

First item:

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's.

Boom! Works!

Second item:

Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars.

Um...maybe? To fit into the five-syllable rule, I have to fudge things. I have to remove "mini" and count chocolate as a two-syllable name, not a three-syllable one.

Last item:

Organic Hot Cocoa Mix.

Nope. Fail.

I can't even fudge this to make this a five-syllable name. If I take off "organic," we're left with hot cocoa mix--that's four. Add organic and we're up to seven.

I still like the theory. I'm sure many people who read the article did what I did, either by thinking of Trader Joe's things, or by rifling through their pantry for Trader Joe's originals. I think when we again visit our state's one and only Trader Joe's, I'm going to see just how many things follow this rule. I'm sure it's more the rule than the exception.

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