Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Missed The Moon This Morning...But I Caught It On Sunday

Social media was abuzz last night with news of the unique celestial event taking place early this morning...really early this morning. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of such events, but hey--if I'm up, I'll check it out. Thanks to our indoor/outdoor cat, I was up at that time this morning, around 5am. I left my room, looked up into the nigh sky, and saw...



There's not much you can do about clouds. If I really wanted to see it, I could have traveled to a cloudless area, or tried to drive up the mountains to get above the clouds. We do have tall mountains where I live, but not that tall--these were high clouds.

I guess I missed the event, something that only happens every one-hundred and fifty years. Oh well.

A couple of days ago I hiked up the mountain where we live at dusk. Even though the sunset was spectacular, as I hiked down, I noticed the moon rising above the mountain behind me. I was able to get some nice almost-full-moon pictures. I even got several shots of the moon with one of my favorite rock formations, a grouchy rock, or what I think looks like Harry Potter's Sorting Hat, but without the pointy part.. So, even though I didn't catch the shots I wanted, I got some good pictures after all. 

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