Wednesday, January 3, 2018

UCF's Danny White's Response...One Of The Best Tweets I've Read In A Long Time!

Today was a busy day, tweet-wise. Locally the leader of our Church passed away which generated a lot of tweets. But through the haze of political garbage, and other tweets, I found a gem, a bonafide winner. It's from Danny White, the Athletic Director of the University of Central Florida.

He hit a home run.

If you followed NCAA football this year, you know that when all the dusk clears there will only be a couple of teams that won all their games--that never suffered a loss--that went undefeated. UCF is one of them. All the other winning teams, all lower-tier programs in different leagues, will have their school's name etched on the winning trophy.

But not the Knights of the University of Central Florida.

They get a trophy as the winners of this year's Peach Bowl.

The travesty of NCAA football has a long past. I can't tell you how many hours of frustration I went through back during the BCS days. My favorite college football program, the U fo U Utes were denied a national championship in football twice, in 2004 and 2008. Had they been a school with more financial clout, they'd have two trophies, because they earned them. It's frustrating, but it wasn't the first time the best team in the country didn't win the championship trophy.

And it won't be the last. In the Peach Bowl, the Knights beat the Auburn Tigers, who beat both Alabama and Georgia, the two teams playing for the hardware--the winner of next week's game will forever be in the history books as this year's NCAA National Championship.

Of course, thanks to Danny White, the UCF coaches will get a bonus, just as if they won the whole thing.

Because, they did what no other team did in the entire country. They never lost.

Except having their name etched on the trophy, that is.

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