Thursday, January 11, 2018

James Alderdice's "Brutal"...Getting Rave Reviews!

One of the fringe benefits of getting involved in the exciting world of writing is getting to know other authors and enjoying their stories. And when you get to know them, you hear about their successes.

And you're happy for them.

Before I hung around a bunch of writers at conventions, I hung out with people in plays at theaters, as well as some people involved in films. I noticed something about writers. I realize I'm generalizing here, but for the most part, authors want to see each other succeed. They're excited when good news from a fellow author hits.

So when local author James Alderdice, a.k.a. David J. West posted on social media that his book, Brutal, was chosen by Fantasia Reviews as one of the best books they reviewed all year, it made me happy. You can find the review website: HERE. You can read about how Brutal was named their Best Literary Value in 2017: HERE. And you can order Brutal on Amazon: HERE. It's only 99¢ right now!

I've read several of Mr. Alderdice/West stories. His impeccable fashion sense is only eclipsed by his fantastic writing. I've not read Brutal yet, but, based on the opinions of others, it's one I definitely should read.

And I'm guessing you should to. 

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