Sunday, January 28, 2018

Before The Internet...There Were...Mountains

It's interesting living next door to where I grew up, watching my children grow and develop decades after I did...I'm reminded of my childhood almost every day. And what did we do as kids?

We hiked the mountain.

I've written about where we live before. I've written about the mountain on which we live. Tonight, just before dusk, I grabbed my cameras and headed up the hill. Soon, we're going to get some neighbors. I hiked up to one of the lots and looked around.

I remember my childhood, but when I remember it, I don't think I remember it quite the way it happened. For instance, I remember hiking on the hill, alone, with friends, or with my dog. I remember spending a lot of time on that hill, but in reality, I know I spent a lot more time in front of a TV set. I watched a lot of TV as a kid.

My mind wandered as I did. Thinking of the time I spent watching TV made me think about what kids do nowadays. Kids (and myself as well...) are on the internet. When my kids were younger they went up the hill from time to time, but not anymore. Do I wish they spent more time outdoors. Sure, but also they're preparing for the world in which they'll live. 

But what of the mountains? It occurred to me on my descent that the mountains were there for me, even when I didn't need them. They existed long before I--or anyone else--ever got here, and they'll be here long after we're all gone. And even though the lighting wasn't ideal for panoramic shots, tonight it was beautiful up there. I walked where I used to run, saw sights I used to--and still do--take fore granted. To me, the rocks, the sagebrush, the views meant something different, something deeper. 

Maybe I'm growing up after all.

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