Saturday, January 13, 2018

Randy Hopkins...My Neighbor...Is Running For US Congress

The notice went out, a sign went up, a speech was given. It's official. My neighbor is running for congress.

If there's one topic I avoid on this blog, it's politics. It's a policy that's served me well for 2548 blog posts. And I'm not going to start now, at least, not going to have this post devolve into a "what about" fight. This is about the man running, not the race.

I've known Randy for decades. He moved into the neighborhood with his young family back when  a new street was carved into the mountain. I owe a lot to Randy. Because of him I got a job and I've been with the same employer for over twenty years. Back when he and I worked in the same building, we would occasionally carpool, and inevitably the discussions of how best to rule a large group of people came up. Randy retired a few years ago and him putting his hat in the ring for US congress is something that's as natural as water running downhill.

I've not personally spoken to him about this decision. It's too bad we no longer carpool because it would be fun to chew the fat, find out what he'd like to change, what he thinks his chances will be. Randy announced his candidacy today at the Salt Lake City Downtown Library. You can check out his Facebook page to see more about his announcement.

Politics is a dirty business. It takes either a brave man--or a crazy man--to enter the fight. Good luck, Randy! May the wind be always at your back!

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