Saturday, January 6, 2018

Then All Of A Sudden...Junk Mail

I don't know why, but after New Years, I have been slammed with junk mail.

I mean, do they really know who they're e-mailing?

From the things I've been sent--obviously not.

Way back in 2017 I got junk mail, though nothing compared to now. I'd get maybe 5-10 junk mail e-mails a day. They came from the usual places, tax help, reverse mortgages, loans--lots of financial help. Of course, there were offers of other kinds of "help," too (don't really want to go into detail about those...). Every now and again, I'd get an e-mail that was important and should not have been labeled "junk mail." Those were rare.

But after New Years, it's as if the flood gates burst wide open. Yesterday I thought 94 junk mails after eight hours was a lot. This morning when I woke up, I had over 120 e-mails in my Junk folder waiting for me to take action. Taking action is easy--highlight them all and hit "delete." I just hope I didn't delete anything important.

I'd like to think if I ignore them--delete them without opening and reading them--they'll go away, but I suspect this is not the case. I turn town telemarketers hawking solar panels all the time, but they keep calling. There's probably a way to reduce these pesky e-mails, but it might be more work than it's worth. All I know it is seems to be my new reality, a little digital present for 2018. Happy New Junk Mail Year everyone!

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